It is the story of a man into an eternal exodus; scenes that takes the displacement, migration, as the process of discovering and questioning our individuality and foreignness, into a contemporary context.

It is a piece about the awakening of a man in between ropes, in a piece of wood, all floating in the middle of the sea. The character is lonely and helpless, drifting in uncertainty. It is an attempt to trigger a sense of wonder, imagination and mystery of our own existence.

Una obra para una alambrista y une “jupon”, pieza poética en busca de respuestas. Un búsqueda que se hace más llevadero bailando.

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    MUNDO LUNATICUS - Temporada El Granero

    LUNES Y MARTESTeatro El Granero - CCB, CDMX, MEX

NARANJAZUL Theatre was born in 2014, the company has been part of international festivals as: Festival Santiago Off 2016, Chile; Herisson en Fête -Footsbarn Festival France 2016; National Encounter of Scenic Arts, Mexico 2015; Quadrennial of Prague PQ-2015, Czech Republic, ASCONA Theatre Festival, Switzerland, International Clown Festival, México 2014.

NARANJAZUL focus its research in the balance between the energy of the performing arts, the visual aspect and the poetry of the body expression. Its scenic language grows from various movement techniques; its aesthetic is sometimes minimalist or abstract; the company considers objects as dynamic scenography, sound and lights as elements of dramaturgy.

For NARANJAZUL, theater should offer an aesthetic experience, a theatrical art through a poetic and pleasant language. The company finds in the humorous and absurd situations, the inspiration to make known what is crucial to our existence, showing fragments of reality where human behavior is questioned.