Physical theater play, (wordless). 
* Proyecto apoyado por el Fondo Nacional para la cultura y las Artes -MEXICO


It is a piece about the awakening of a man in between ropes, in a piece of wood, all floating in the middle of the sea. The character is lonely and helpless, drifting in uncertainty. He will find different objects trough fishing and one by one, small stories will be told. It is a play where the sea is represented by more than 500 metters of withe cords and the waves movement by a door over a rolabola (circus discipline).

It is a journey about the everlasting search for the meaning of life. It is a journey with the scenography as the antagonist of the story. It is an attempt to trigger a sense of wonder, imagination and mystery of our own existence.

External eye (collaboration): Maud Giboudeau (FRA)
Sound design: David Almaga (MEX)
Original idea: Aarón Govea
Director: Aarón Govea (MEX)

Duration: 75 min.
Idioma: Wordless. All public.